La Maternelle High School

A School that CARES​

Our History

La Maternelle High school was founded by

Late Dr.(Mrs) Manjit Paul in 1963, in Kolkata.

Dr. Paul realized the need to offer quality education to the large section of society who had the aspiration to provide an English medium education to their children.

La Maternelle is about creating an aura of holistic development. The child has an opportunity to participate in activities other than academics.

At present the institution is being headed by

Mrs. Vandana Paul, who is carrying on the mission and the path shown by the founder.
La Maternelle is committed to provide holistic care and development to
each and every child.

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Vandana Paul


La Maternelle is all about creating an educational, learning and formative environment for young caterpillars, to help them grow into talented butterflies. What you learn in school from your teachers and friends, what you learn at home from family and what you learn from the outside world is all a stepping stone for your future. These formative years are meant for you to strengthen your character, formulate your dreams and face every obstacle with a spine of steel. Not only do I want you children to do well in life, but I also want you to become people of substance and character. Fame and success are not the only goals in life, my children, being a good, compassionate and kind human being with the right values is equally important. With each passing year I see children leaving this institution with vision, virtues and vitality. As a Principal and more importantly, as an educator, that gives me immense happiness and pride.

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There is no secret to success. Success comes from hard work, discipline, preparation, persistence and learning from failure. In your journey of life you will get many opportunities. It is your job to recognise each opportunity and seize it with your arms wide open. Always have the belief that the harder you work, the more luck will be by your side. If you imbibe these ideologies of hard work and success then you will lead a life with your head held high.

The school aims to inculcate essential values such as humility, cooperation, honesty, simplicity and unity in students so that they can control the choices they make in life. The institution moulds the students in such a manner that they are inculcated with values such as courage, teamwork, sharing,      caring, and patience.

Our Vision